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All About the Port of Cascade Locks

Jan 26, 2021 07:56PM ● By Port of Cascade Locks
Ports are bodies of government tasked with diversifying and improving the economic base of the state. Ports utilize any combination of water, air, and land commerce to achieve this goal. Most Ports are located on a waterway. Others are inland. Inland Ports make use of air or land-based transportation networks, industrial properties, and other business activities.

Although Ports receive a portion of their district's property taxes, the amount is considerably less than what a city or county would receive, therefore Ports must generate their own revenue (similar to private industry) to fund economic projects. For the Port of Cascade Locks, that amounts to roughly $4,000/year. The Port relies on its business activities to generate revenues to fulfill its mission.

Two of the regional ports, Port of Cascade Locks and Port of Hood River, own toll bridges and industrial properties to generate revenue and support commerce. In recent years, the Port of Cascade Locks made considerable strides supporting business development. It developed roads, ran utility lines to lots, and built industrial flex buildings. These efforts enabled businesses to start, relocate to, and expand in Cascade Locks.

The businesses increased the tax base, adding to the City's revenue and keeping services at lower costs to the residents. Since 2010, the City of Cascade Locks' assessed valuation has grown from $62 million to $111 million. Currently, there is at least an additional $25 million in assessed valuation in development that will hit the tax rolls by January 2022. That growth of property taxes allows the City to maintain a full-time Fire and EMS Department that protects our citizens. Importantly, these businesses also provide jobs within the community.

In the last ten years, the Port of Cascade Locks facilitated the startup or relocation to Cascade Locks of 15 businesses and job providers. This work is ongoing. There is a continuous stream of potential businesses interested in being in the community.

This year completed the expansion of pFriem Family Brewers and is currently facilitating The Renewal Workshop expansion. These efforts are projected to add 70 jobs! There are several ways to learn more about the Port or actively participate. Keep an eye on our blog at, visit our Facebook page, and sign up to receive an e-newsletter.

The Port Commission meets at least once a month (typically twice). There are several committees dedicated to specific topics. These meetings are open to the public. Your attendance is encouraged. An agenda is published at least 24 hours before the meeting (except in cases of emergency). In addition to posting the agenda on the website and Facebook, it is sent to specific emails at the recipient's request. Additionally, the Port posts agendas on the bulletin board in the Cascade Locks and Hood River Post Offices.
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