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Energy Efficient Homes Like This One in Goldendale Are More Comfortable and Save Money

Sep 01, 2022 12:08AM ● By Eric Olsen & Alisha Nightingale

45 Buck Lane, Goldendale, Washington

When thinking about a new home, why not consider the benefits of cost-saving energy-conscious home construction?

Energy-efficient appliances could be the most meaningful single thing a person can do to cut utility costs. Electric appliances, in particular, are much more efficient than in the past. New technologies and designs make everything from LED light bulbs and LED TVs to air conditioners more energy efficient. Gas appliances are being phased out. Some large markets, like Los Angeles, no longer permit new gas hookups. In order to move toward more efficient electric appliances, government-funded deep discounts and rebates are going to become available to everyone.

How we use our homes and appliances also makes a difference. It doesn't do much good to cool our houses off at night in the summer if we let the sun beat in through the windows during the day. Direct sun creates enormous amounts of thermal gain. While blocking sunny windows in summer saves on air conditioning, the summer sun can help dry your clothes for free. Hanging clothes outside to dry during the summer saves a great deal of electricity or gas. 

Incredible energy savings can result from using reflective materials and shade. UV coverings on windows, patio blinds, a reflective roof, and landscaping that produces deciduous shade during summer when it's most beneficial to lowering energy costs. 

Just as letting the sun beat through windows defeats cooling in summer, it doesn't make much sense to use an energy-efficient furnace to heat your home and leave the windows open.  With a little forethought, heat from clothes dryers and kitchen stoves can help raise the temperature in the home during the winter. Leaving curtains open on sunny windows may also help with heat from solar gain.

These things may seem obvious, but they are often overlooked. If household members make energy-saving actions habitual, money savings are automatic. Mindful construction can help make habits easy to establish and is a good place to begin.

Exterior shades can help block heat gain from direct sun and reduce the cost of cooling in summer.

Insulated concrete form construction, passive solar design, mindful installation of blinds, LED lights, solar panels with battery storage, and so many other great cost-of-living reducing features are part of this thoughtfully planned home for sale in Klickitat County at 45 Buck Lane in Goldendale, WA.

Solar panels with battery storage reduce grid-tied energy costs at this Goldendale home.

Please contact Alisha Nightingale at 253-985-5400 or [email protected] if you have questions about the home, the designs or how you may be able to implement these energy-saving features in your own home.