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Sailing in Cascade Locks

Jul 17, 2020 01:46AM ● By Gary Munkhoff
Sailing the Gorge on a sunny summer day

Sailing the Gorge photo © Steider Studios

With a perfect combination of strong wind, freshwater, and spectacular scenery, Cascade Locks is a great place for sailing. In 1996 a group of Northwest sailing enthusiasts got together to develop the sailing potential of the area. Thanks to the ensuing 20+ years of hosting racing events and training clinics by the enthusiastic volunteers of the Columbia Gorge Racing Association (CGRA), this area is now recognized worldwide as one of the best places on the planet for sail-boating. As Olympic medalist, Jonathan McKee says, “It is really one of the legendary venues of the world.”

Working together, the Port of Cascade Locks and CGRA have developed a launch site for small boats at the east end of the Port’s Marine Park, and during the summer months, this is where training clinics and racing events are held. When not in use for an event, the launch site is available to any sail-boater free of charge. Larger boats on trailers can put in at the boat launch site at the west end of the lower parking lot, also with no charge.

Not a sailor, but interested? Or do you have kids that might like to try sailing? CGRA has an offer you can’t refuse. Every Thursday evening during the months of July and August, they put on a great community sailing program for anyone wanting to try their hand at sailing. Boats and instructors are provided and it’s free.

To learn more about sailing in the Gorge go to or

Sailing the Gorge photo © Steider Studios

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